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Programy Computer Science IFE

Krótka charakterystyka zajęć prowadzonych dla studentów IFE - specjalnść Computer Science

Numerical methods (semester IV)

During the term student will develop basic skills in analysis and application of scientific computing methods and will practice programming skills in Matlab.

LECTURE: Floating point arithmetic, errors in numerical analysis. Systems of linear equations. Interpolation and approximation. Richardson extrapolation, numerical differentiation and integration. Nonlinear eq. and systems of nonlinear eq. Roots of polynomials. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Ordinary differential equations. Simulation. Matlab programming. Applications in signal and image processing.

LABORATORY: Numerical methods algorithmization and programming in Matlab. Testing of Matlab procedures of scientific computing. Documentation of scientific computing.

supervisor: dr hab. inż. Jacek Kabziński, prof. PŁ

Data wpisu: 2015.02.06