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Division of Control Theory

Jacek Kabziński - picture

Head of the division

Jacek Kabziński, Ph.D., D.Sc.
jacek.kabzinski @ p.lodz.pl
tel. (+48) 42 631 2553

The Division of Control Theory focuses on research in the field of modern control methods and their application to control of electromechanical systems.

Research topics:

  • design of robust linear systems using modal synthesis,
  • application of CRONE controllers in robust control of DC and AC drives,
  • synthesis of robust nonlinear control systems using methods of optimal control,
  • synthesis of robust nonlinear control systems using adaptive control,
  • application of AI in control,
  • hybrid AI systems - neural-fuzzy and neural-adaptive control,
  • application of genetic algorithms for optimization of control systems,
  • observer theory,
  • nonlinear adaptive drive systems with brushles permanent magnet motors.
date of actualization: 2022.04.10